Record to MP3 from an Audio Mixer to a personal recorder


How do I connect a Notetaker MP3 recorder to an audio mixer? This video shows you the cable you need and where to connect into the audio mixer to a Sony MP3 Recorder. Also you can see how to adjust the input settings on the recorder to get a clear recording.
Cable to connect to audio mixer:

Updated Sony Product Link:
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  1. Just find your informative channel this sony recorder wav file compare to tascam dr40 for same setting? Is there any different quality?

  2. Cách làm này có sử dụng được với Zoom H1n không ạ? Con dự định mua Zoom H1n nhưng khôbg có review về việc chỉnh gain thu âm qua Line in như thế nào.
    Cảm ơn bác!

  3. Please I have a Sony ICD UX-200 voice recorder already with a built-in USB port. Do I still need those audio jacks if my mixer has a USB port? Your answer will be highly valuable.

  4. Good Day, i have tried this method, once i hit record on the recorder the lights on the right channel goes all the way up to +6 but the left channel stays in the green, it records fine and there is no noise or anything with the live sound, no difference at all.
    i want to know why it does that on the right channel and if it will damage the mixer

  5. So by using this technique I can record my guitar on it?
    Can I monitor the sound also while recording?

  6. Can I use an RCA out from mixer into an RCA in of a cassette deck?
    Im a punk rock musician and tape has a nice effect with distorted sounds its warmer and round.
    I believe digitally recorded music has killed Rock n roll but sounds great with electronic music.

  7. If you put minor increase on main level wouldn’t this make the audio clipping? are we also be able to get high quality audio using this method by using the zoom H1n or H1?

  8. Have a Samsung galaxy. But when I conect to my parents system the sound is very thin .but my apple phone the songs come out much more clear and better tone . any one with any ideas or maybe Samsung just no good waisted my money

  9. Is the one on the link the same as Stereo IC Recorder ICD-UX560F??? Im looking for the on the link, but this 560F is what always turns up on my search.

  10. Sir Gary Davies, Which is the successor model from ICD-UX523F what i can buy in Germany by Amazon with the Option Audio/in ? Because I have Dynacord Mixer 1000-3 and i want to record the Audio with good an clear Quality….Pls Help Sir


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