RNG vs. KZ | Finals Game 1 | Mid-Season Invitational | Royal Never Give Up vs. KING-ZONE (2018)


VOD of Royal Never Give Up vs. KING-ZONE Game 1
2018 Mid-Season Invitational Finals #MSI2018

Royal Never Give Up Lineup:
Letme – Top Ornn
Karsa – Jungle Skarner
Xiaohu – Mid Sion
Uzi – ADC Ezreal
Ming – Support Janna

KING-ZONE DragonX Lineup:
Khan – Top Fiora
Peanut – Jungle Sejuani
Bdd – Mid Irelia
PraY – ADC Caitlyn
GorillA – Support Braum

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  1. EU has the best audience… Riot seriously needs to hold most events in EU. The Football spirit comes with it!

  2. 29:43 B&P
    35:23 Game start

    PS: what a terrible community, no one even do this. reddit is much more lovely.

  3. 恕我直言,UZI真的是个垃圾,虽然喜欢它的人很多。在我眼里只能算个倒数,也就前期有点作用,不过前期比他厉害的也很多,到了后期基本卵用都没有!缺点太多了,真的垃圾死了,比如不能装倍镜,射程近,伤害低,最重要的是,基本随处可见,根本显示不出逼格。没见过这么垃圾的枪。简自豪就不一样了,真正的世界第一ADC

  4. they sounds pretty look down on MLXG, but if you have watched LPL playoff and finals you should remember MLXG is the one who carry the team to MSI


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