SIBLING RIVALRY | Spinning a Wheel to Decide My Sim's Life (Part 13)


Unlucky episode 13 ends badly for one of Malia’s family members…

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This Sims video is family friendly & appropriate for all audiences.

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  1. Not being a native english speaker, I can tell that writing while pronouncing/thinking "Island" at the same time can be confusing. For me it's always necessary pronounce (even in my head) the "S" so I can garantee the right writing.

  2. There is a cat in my neighborhood that looks like that, except all orange with a white bit in their tail. I call him fox-cat since it's a cat that kinda looks like a fox. Also, Doodle is adorable, no clue what you're on about

  3. Niall was my favorite. I wanted to be a Harry stan, but my ex-best friend (who forced me listen to them enough that they eventually grew on me btw) claimed him and said he wasn’t allowed to be my fave. So, although Niall was originally my second choice, he’s truly the best because he did win my heart.

    And because he’s the Irish one. That definitely helps.

  4. I was listening to this while falling asleep and then I heard you mention Louis Tomlinson and I was instantely awake and like: OMG 😍 … so yeah, there goes my favourite member and solo artist 😀

  5. 4:33 I'm pretty sure it's spelled wrong on purpose. Like, it's "iLand" – the item is called the "iLand Beach Shax". The beginning of the description for the item says ""I"sland, get it? Because the "s" is silent. Ha ha. I make a joke."

  6. Look at the captions at 12:55. Excuse me? Zane and Lu?? It's Zayn/Zain and Lou. Uncultured… 😂


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