Sony Walkman: NW-A45 Super Review


In which I find out, there IS a reason to own a Walkman in 2018. The Sony NW-A45 is a hi-res audio player to go along with my hi-res headphones.

See the Walkman A45 on Amazon:
See the Audio Technica headphones on Amazon:

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The NW-A45 is part of the A40 line of Walkmans which also includes the A46 and A47. Those latter models are essentially the same as this A45, but with more built-in memory (and perhaps different items included in the box).

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  1. Will the Sony stream music? Support apps like Tidal of downloading Tidal for offline listening? There is a new version coming out the A55, know anything about it…

  2. What kind of "Man" listens to feist? I had to look up what the hell that was and all I have to say is..I blame single mothers!

  3. does it have wifi, blutooth, do you connect by 3.5m to your car? You didn't even mention some of the features. Can you create playlists? Does it play video? Is the memory upgradeable?

  4. Sir please help me
    i need a multimedia player to gift my girlfriend.. for our photos, videos and audio…
    (no need so many functions like calling, wifi, huge screen)
    (but it should be classy in looks and finishing)

  5. Waved the phone around for 8 minutes. Didn't show any features. This video sucked; can sure understand the 800+ Thumbs Down.

  6. Total shit. It is not even used to check the time. Transferring a music file to the list takes 30-50 seconds, after creating a playlist of over 700 songs, it suddenly deletes about 500 of them and the list itself becomes unable to edit, cannot see the sd card, after formatting it still displays the songs already deleted and each click on this is the message that you can't play. I used this shit for exactly 7 (seven) days.

  7. Hey, would you like to share your settings? mostly headphone/iem used, eq, clear audio….(maybe in a video?) thanks

  8. The only bummer of DAP's is that they don't function as DAC's. If they do, they would be a pretty tempting devices. Shame companys are run by a bunch of noobs.

  9. When I watched you start to unpack the box I stopped watching your video. Unboxing is over. Who are you trying to impress by showing us how you unpack a box?

  10. How did you manage playlist in this? I am having a hard time using the sony Music center for PC as it crash all the time. Tried media monkey no luck so far. Any help on this is highly appreciated.

  11. I just bought this because my stupid smart phone volume sucks balz and I can't shut the screen off and play music. I've got 130 gig of music on my solid state external hard drive I never use because my stupid smart phone is annoying.
    Stupid smart phone.
    You would think for $800 freaking dollars the freaking thing would have some freking versatility.
    Stupid smart phone.

  12. Just came to your channel after watching Techmoan's video on the A55. Thank you for your video. I feel so bad that channels such as Techmoan have a million subscribers yet you went into so much more detail.
    While he hates the A55, he was nice to include 20 affiliate links in the description and top comment. I've gained a lot of respect for your channel, instead.

  13. Thank you for your great reviews. I was about to get the A105, but after watching your review, I'm leaning towards getting the A45. I would love to have Android, but the price point and battery life compared to the A45 is not convincing.

    Would you still recommend the A45 today?


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