Tested: Dunlop's Max Performance Summer Tire I Tire Rack


Max Performance Summer tires blend the latest technologies into a package that can maximize acceleration, braking and cornering power while remaining civilized enough for the daily commute or a night on the town.

The Sport Maxx TT is the newest from Dunlop in this category. It combines a motorsports-inspired tread compound with Touch Technology for enhanced tire-to-driver communication and Kevlar-reinforced sidewalls for handling. Has it maximized Max Performance? We found out when we compared it to three popular tires.

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  1. continental has so very LITTLE Tread . how about giving us our rubbers worth ?
    this includes you also Dunlop .
    not every body pushed the Dog shit out of their cars , they just drive em . now give us our moneys worth . I got that long ago
    from a set of Speed Sport radials @1975 / g78 14 med white wall . I could drive them till they were slick . today they wont make that !

  2. Dunlop is a great tire half the price of michelin but just as good. Comfort,performance same as the michelin rubber. Save yourself some money.


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