Things We Need To See In The Five Nights At Freddy's Movie


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Five Nights at Freddy’s is an accidental phenomenon the likes of which the world has never known. Since the first game’s release in 2014, the hit horror series has become a gaming sensation that’s spawned sequels, a spinoff, tie-in toys, multiple novels, and now, thanks to Blumhouse Productions and writer-director Chris Columbus, a feature film. With a track record that includes Gremlins and The Goonies, the filmmaker sounds like a perfect fit for the series’ twisted brand of horror-comedy. All the elements for a great horror flick are there; they just have to be used right. Here are all the things we’re hoping to see in Five Nights at Freddy’s…

Light of the morning | 0:34
“Hello, hello?” | 1:27
Foxy and friends | 2:31
Put a quarter up | 3:28
Home delivery | 4:23
It’s me | 4:53
The Bite of ’87 | 5:44

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  1. What other horror games should be given the Hollywood treatment? We're gonna have to go with Dead Space (those animated tie-in movies don't count).

  2. That is not the bite of 1987. The bite was in FNAF 2 because, in the paycheck, it says 1987, So that means that the bite of 1987 was in FNAF 2

  3. What really used to tug at my heart was that he wanted to help us, but he could only hint at the true danger and quickly tell us what to do. The fact that he died got me super depressed cause he really wanted to help us.

  4. 6:19
    Ummmmmmmm that’s the Bite of 83’…..if you stay by the TV in the mini game fir a while in FNAF4, it says “Fredbear and Friends” and it also says 1983. The Bite of 87’ is in FNAF2, done by Mangle, a pink disembodied version of Foxy. In her jumpscare animation, he or she goes for the head. And the victim? Jeremy Fitzgerald, a nightguard.

  5. I actually wanna know more about the Phone Guy. Yeah he seems like just a tutorial helper, but i know there’s more story to him than “getting killed by the animatronics”.

  6. Also, I have the three novels, and at the last pay of the novels, there’s an “About Scott” section. In that section, it says that Scott may be a game developer, but he’s a storyteller at heart”. I think most directors don’t know how to make a story out of a good movie, but luckily for FNAF, it has a fully fleshed out story that can make someone interested in it for many years (okay maybe that’s just me😅).

  7. If there's gonna be an Fnaf movie then they should have William Afton, the question is who should play him, I have a list of actors, who should potray him, you guys tell me who will be perfect as the Purple Guy.
    Nicholas Cage, Steve Buscemi, Christian Bale, Leonardo DiCaprio, Joaquin Phoenix, and finally Jared Leto

  8. Other Things We need to see in the Fnaf movie : ( My opinion )

    1. Puppet giving life to the dead children

    2. Purple guy killing the kids as a flashback

    3. Mike shutting the door at Foxy's face ( that would be funny I guess )

    4. MORE FAN!!

    5. Purple guy's Family

    6. All the Night Guards ( I really want to see them )

    7. Afton's daughter getting scooped ( Maybe )

    8. Golden Freddy


    10. Everything!!

    Don't put hates , as I said " It's just my opinion"

  9. We've already seen the games and the books and how the story there is played. I think the movie should be a new story that is connected to games and books. At maybe, we could see flashbacks of the event that happened in the games like the Bite of 87.

    Another thing i want is interactions with the aminatronics. All the FNAF expierence in the games never had the aminatronics talk with the main character (except Ultimate Custom Night, which is technically place in hell). And maybe, we could Foxy actually be a good guy and help defeat the bad guy. That would be awesome.

    As far as characters go, it will depend on who is in the movie. I want the main character to either be Mark "Markiplier" Fischbach, Taylor Lautner, (if we get a female main role) Elle Fanning, or Grace VanderWaal.

  10. Not to break your buffers
    gets knocked out
    NO GOD NO GOD PLEASE NO NO NO NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Best story,all 6 games IRL,at the end realises that protagonists are the same person.This would destroy the story of fnaf but it can just be not cannon.The story can be even more similar to the games,in which the guy learns new things about the store as he tries to survive the night,completing puzzles but he dies multiple times and come back to life in the office after every death.Definitely a cool story

  12. Personally, I've been wondering if there'll ever be an installment to the games where the player can actually fight back against the animatronics. Like the player being a teenager who once knew one of the earlier players and wants payback, bringing a crowbar or something to fight off anything that jumps out.

  13. Markiplier needs to be in the movie in some form. Not necessarily a lead role, mind you but just a bit part or a cameo. He contributed more than anyone to FNAF's popularity. I guarantee you the movie's not going to be about some guy sitting in an office flipping through the security cams all night.

  14. I got pissed off, FNAF had a really interesting story but no, let’s leave some loose ends and make it even more confusing with the next game.

    Then books.


    If you take to long to wrap it up then it’s going to lose all of it’s attention.

  15. I think it should follow the games and the books. Game theorists d po e a good job of tying them two together.

  16. I honestly don't want Markiplier in this movie. I adore the guy but if he's in there it'll completely take you out of the move and remove all tension.


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