TROLLS – "Love & Rollerskating Dance" – Song Scene Clip (Animation, Family)


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DreamWorks’ TROLLS is a hair-raising comedy filled with unbelievable adventure and incredible music. Known for their crazy, colourful, and magical hair, Trolls are the happiest, most joyous creatures ever to burst into song. But their world of rainbows and cupcakes is changed forever, when their leader Poppy (Anna Kendrick,) must embark on a rescue mission that takes her far beyond the only world she’s ever known.

TROLLS Movie Clip
A Movie directed by Mike Mitchell, Walt Dohrn
Cast : Anna Kendrick, Justin Timberlake, James Corden, Kunal Nayyar, Gwen Stefani, Russell Brand, Ron Founts
Release Date : Available now on Digital HD [Blu-ray™ and DVD]
Genre : Animation

© 2016 – 20th Century Fox


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  1. David Bustamante there’s was way less “hitting it from the back” jokes in the comments than I thought there would be😂

  2. 0:58

    Am I the only one that came for this scene knowing that Branch said all those things and he was talking about Poppy? 😍💖😭

  3. .n÷Iirreneean the door to the door and the skorys dollmaker new York 3city and the other two are you doing it right now and you are not going anywhere near that point of 3view or le Azxcvy


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