It’s my birthday tomorrow! Let’s celebrate by using the new Moschino Stuff pack to renovate this old loft into a fashion photography studio!

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  1. I want to get the sims but I don’t think my laptop can run it? Can I use an external hard drive for it? It’s a HP White Chromebook laptop 14.0" 32GB SSD 4GB HDMI Usb 3 WiFi webcam Chrome OS whatever the hell that means 🤷🏻‍♀️🤣 technology is not my forte

  2. My house has all white ceilings so like, I've never really noticed the ceiling painting problem

  3. When you building a community lot how do you know what the 'requirements' are? Sorry I'm new to the SIMs. You vids have been inspirational and made me want to get this game. Thank you

  4. hahaha, you're so young!!!! You're mom was marveling at your age probably because she remembers when you were a tiny baby and here you are a young woman. You're so funny! But you did go off on a tangent.

  5. If we can’t do cathedral ceilings and/or ceilings with open rafters and things like that in the Sims 4 yet, the devs should get on that ASAP

  6. Usually if a lot requires something I don't want to put in it I just put it on the roof with no door and it counts.  I am 65 and love being old, don't know why it bothers people to get older.

  7. When somebody tells me he/she is getting old my standard answer is: We are all on our way to the hundreds. 😛

  8. Lol you turned 20 this year and I really thought you were maybe roughly 21 already….I'm turning 23 this year. Way to make me feel old 🤣🤣

  9. “Yeah my moms 29”
    She’s turning 20 so then she would’ve had Kayla when she was 9/10 this is a prime example of speaking before thinking (yes I know is was a joke)

  10. What I did for the arts studio thing, I just made a basement that’s inaccessible under the building. And I put like the wood working table, easel, and kid craft thing. So that way I can make it just a photo shoot place


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