Where is Windows Movie Maker in Windows 10


Where is Windows Movie Maker in Windows 10

Windows Movie Maker for Windows 10 you can still Download Movie Maker for Windows 10. Windows Movie maker is a video editing software that still runs on Windows 10, BUT a word of warning, remember it was first launched in year 2000 and Microsoft have stop supporting Windows Movie Maker for Windows 10 and is not added to the installation of Windows 10.
But a lot of people have got used to using Windows Movie Maker and use it for video editing to make movies, it is compatible with 64 different languages and you can use man different file formats. Its still compatible with different operating system like windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10.

Important: The Windows Essentials 2012 suite has reached the end of support and wouldn’t be available for download from Microsoft’s servers after January 10 2017. The Windows Essentials suite includes Photo Gallery, Movie Maker, Windows Live Writer, Windows Live Mail, and OneDrive.

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  1. I derived Movie Maker from Essentials but it is missing the Save-Burn DVD Link? Where can I get The Movie Maker Live?

  2. For all saying the page is gone, go to internet archive, the place where you can download discontinued software for "educational purposes" for free and with no malware. It saved me couple of times and it saved me again now.

  3. I was able to install Windows Movie Maker in my Windows 10 PC even though the download link on the Microsoft website is already dead. What I did is I always saved the download file from when I first downloaded it.

  4. Still using it in W10 in 2020. The new editor in W10 does not have enough features. Only issue I have with Moviemaker is that it sometimes will hang. That can be a pain, but sometimes at restart it just asks if I want to restore the previous project.


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