Who needs this much GPU POWER?!?! MSI GTX 1080Ti GAMING X


Today I take a look at the MSI GTX 1080Ti GAMING X 11G… this
much GPU horsepower should be illegal!

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Who needs this much GPU POWER?!?! MSI GTX 1080Ti GAMING X | JayzTwoCents


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  1. You trying let me buy that GPU off you tho haha pretty sure you dont need it anymore I could used it for my 1st pc build

  2. Technically anyone who wants a GPU that likes to run at above 70c to reduce their heating bill.
    Jay a real man uses an RX590 while nVidia and microsoft scramble to remain relevant.
    Jenson sits upon a throne of lies.

  3. "Nothing has changed with the design of this card" Jay…hello look at that beautiful Geforce GTX on the side, and its like 2 of the older cards in 1 lol making the regular 1080 look a little shrimpy

  4. My name is christian munoz i am number one fan here in the Philipines…i hope iwant to win one pc or motherboard heheheheh

  5. it was good at first but my gpu smi 1080 started to heating up like crazyyyyyyyy i cant do nothing im returning it back

  6. I'm so glad I bought an EVGA 1080ti sc black before the RTX cards came out and all the GTX series cards disappeared. The 1080ti still kicks ass in 2019 and holds its value extremely well. No way I'm paying 1600 for a 2080ti when you only get 20-30% more performance. The 980ti to 1080ti generation gap was WAY more than the 1080ti to the 2080ti. And the 980ti and 1080ti were the same price if I recall, or very close together. Certainly not 50% more.

  7. I'm not particularly choosing it for being red and will clash with the theme big boy pants on no big deal. Either way

  8. hah looking back at this vid in 2019, msi did step up to a more monochromatic colorscheme with their rtx 2080ti gaming x trio, and in combination with the big rgb lighting pieces on the front and side of the card it does really fit into any color scheme you might want.

  9. 1380 usd in 2019 more expensive than some 2080ti or on par price wise…ya totally will buy will never understand why the prices didnt go down…

  10. Who needs this much GPU POWER. How about the average VR simmer. What a stupid fucking question to ask. DCS in VR will eat this shitty card.

  11. If the DVI connector wasn't there, there would have been water cooling blocks providing a custom single-slot front mounting plate turning the entire card into a single slot one, which would have been great for mining rigs and AI research rigs. That way all the cards could be mounted on the motherboard itself without those flimsy unreliable PCI-E extension cables.

  12. I have a question.. my 1080ti reached 75'C when playing BF1.. i have i7 4th gen.

    And i search some vids playing bf1 same gpu but they reach only 62-65'C


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