Windows Movie Maker – Get Started Tutorial – Video Editing Stuff Windows 7


Here’s a simple easy video on windows movie maker tutorial Windows 7 video editing stuff? This works in Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 2012. If you’re just getting started than this is what you need see. A quick tutorial on windows movie maker tricks & video editing. A easy video editor that lets you edit your own videos from scratch. To download free see my link in my comments below.

I said 2012 in the title because its no longer the year 2011.

Windows Movie Maker download FREE for Vista & Windows 7 & Windows 8 :


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  1. can i edit a movie already made ? I want to add a photo in place of one already there but seems like it hides behind and can never get it to show? TY- !

  2. Hi Nick, Thank you for sharing this, May I know is Movie Maker can be use in Window 8? I try to use in Window 8 but to add in title page was not appear with the words at all? Do you know why?

  3. i'm glad ur making videos showing us how things work and i love how you say ok the end at the end. its a good ending for a video. i wish i had a good ending like that  lol 

  4. Hi Nick, my Windows Movie Maker will no longer save after finishing it, all the video clips and everything I uploaded to movie maker is in a folder on my desktop but I still get the usual error saying it can't find some files. Can you help me out? Thanks


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