Windows Movie Maker Tutorial for Beginners – Movie Maker Windows 10 Split, Trim & Edit Tips 2016


A fast moving & easy Movie Maker tutorial for beginners. Learn how to do a Windows Movie Maker split video editing and Windows Movie Maker trim video editing too. See how Windows Movie Maker effects like animation and transitions can give your movie video a profession look and feel. Windows Movie Maker is free and allows you to edit, trim and split video easily without costly software. Windows Movie Maker for Windows 10 still works in Microsoft newest Windows 10 operating system. The free video editing software is easy to get and easy to use. Please keep in mind it’s easy to see how to use Windows Movie Maker in my video, to do more than just split and trim editing.

Watching my video will show you how to split a video in Windows Movie Maker without special software. And lets not forget how to trim videos on Windows Movie Maker too. It’s fun and easy to do using the Windows Movie Maker trim tool that I called the “video editing guide tool” in my video.

Note as of 3/5/2016:
Newest on Windows Movie Maker, directly from Microsoft Website: Quote “Windows Movie Maker is not supported for Windows 10, but you can still download Movie Maker if you really want it”. End of Quote.

Here’s the link to Windows Movie Maker download directly from Microsoft Website:


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  1. Great video. I am already decent with using this program, and you helped more. I should have watched this before, I searched for my video splitting software.

  2. is it worth to use windows movie maker 2016 instead of the first version, which is not bad at all actually, this is why I am questioning me.

  3. I have question.When I split video and make snapshot (to circle something on it) and back it in video,that picture is blured.What can I do to still have the same resolution of picture?

  4. I have windows movie maker 2016 in laptop having windows 7.The videos from my sony handycam are in mp4 format not opening in movie maker.But videos from mobile in the same mp4 format getting opened.How to fix his issue ?

  5. Looking for a video that demonstrates how to cut a section out of the middle of a video, but I'm not sure what terminology to use to search for that. So far, I've found nothing for that subject.

  6. This is not Windows movie maker 10. This is the no longer supported software program from windows; an earlier version

  7. if you stated the task up front it would make it clearer to yourself and the audience, this is a bit like the blind following the blind ..

  8. thank you so much for this video it really helped me to bcuz right now im trying to edit a video and and i have always been curious how the hell do you get the image to appear above the gameplay now i know and its all thank to you and by the way how do you not have 10 billion fans you should have over 62 billion fans right now bcuz of this video


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